Youngling & 2-Year Old Classes

The Soccer Routes Younglings program is designed to lay the foundations of soccer to thriving young minds, ages 18-24 months.

Every week for ten weeks, parents and their children learn the basics — how to develop their balance and agility, as well as an introduction to dribbling and turning. By week five, your child will be able to dribble the entire length of a Soccer Routes field, and will be able to follow basic instructions from one of our top Coaches. This program is exceptional for parents who want their children to excel off the soccer field (i.e. Preschool) as well as on it. Learning the basics of social interaction, friendship and rules, are all part of what it takes to enter into school and of course society.

Once the ten weeks are over, they will graduate into our two year old class, where their training soars. This is due to the fact that they have already been properly introduced to the game at an early age. We can’t stress enough the difference it makes to your child’s body and mind when you take action and give them the chance to develop at a young age. This is where your child will be after graduating from the youngling class.

You have never seen anything like this before. Your child is capable and ready. Don’t be afraid. Come out and try it today.
Class run time is 30 minutes. Call for locations or to set up your own private group. 424.281.0534