Do you want to get onto your high school team? Get trained by us for a chance at a college scholarship? Or even turn professional? Then This is it!

  • Using state of the art analytical software, we come and film your child playing in a game (AYSO, Rec etc) using our video software.

  • We input data to our iPad based on the individual actions of the child during the game (won a header,lost possession, took a shot etc)

  • The game stats are uploaded to our software and are analyzed by our coaches, indicating strengths and weaknesses of a player in statistical form.

This technology allows Soccer Routes to provide a uniquely groundbreaking approach to success. You and your child will have the necessary tools to improve athletic skill, confidence, strategy, and goal achievement through calculations and expertise.

If you want to be a pro, you need a team behind you. Let Soccer Routes get you there.

To make your goals you have to know how to take your shot.

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