Why should we choose Soccer Routes for our child?

We value your childs experience with the game. Our system is designed to bring out the greatness within your child and propel them down a road of soccer success! We take pride in being the Best. All of our coaches are highly qualified in soccer and in the development of children. Our equipment is always kept in top condition because you deserve firstclass service.

Will you allow my child to try a class?

Unfortunately, our company guidelines do not allow us to let your child try a class. Our ultimate priority is the safety of the child. Children that have been enrolled into the classes have taken the time to be properly informed on class structure to insure the kids safety. If you enroll for a specific session and learn that your child does fit well into our curriculum. We do offer a refund policy only after the first class.

If I miss a class am I noted as absent?

You are allowed to miss two out of your ten sessions. Any absences beyond those two will be counted as absent – unless a valid reason is stated 72 hours in advance.

* All private classes must be attended due to wait lists.


How many coaches will there be in my class?

Age of Child Number of Children per Coach
Two to young Three 4
Three to Four 4
Four to Five 5
Five to Six 7
Seven to Ten 8
Eleven to Fourteen 10

Can I kick around and play with my child?

We love that you are enthusiastic about your childs new journey with the game! It is our aim to start training your child to treat the game as if they are already a professional. The pros don’t have their parents on the field so we ask that you keep your participation to a minimum. If your child is under the age of three we understand if you help them along a bit. Ultimately, we want all the children in the Soccer Routes Programme to be independent and flourish on the field.

What is the proper uniform for my child?

We have Soccer Routes t-shirts available for ($20.00). This is highly recommended to be worn at every session! Due to the fact that we want every child to be easily identifiable. Proper athletic shorts are the recommendation this will allow your child ultimate mobility within their class. Also, cleats are highly encouraged for all children. But, they are mandatory for children after age five. If for some reason they are not within your families budget please do not hesitate to ask about our “ Cleats for Kids” outreach program.

Can we bring food and do you provide the water during breaks?

Our company guidelines do not allow your child to eat any form of snack within the confines of the class. This is to protect your child from any choking situation. Snack are to be had before or after a training session. When it comes to water we ask that you bring an ample amount of water to last your child the duration of the session. As the child gets older the curriculum begins to become more rigorous so more water will be needed.

It’s Raining in LA… Do we have class?

Please check on social media for live updates on our classes in the case of rain. The general rule is “torrential rain/lightning” – there is no class. In the case of light rain or drizzle – class still runs. Missed classes will be marked as absent.

How do we know the location of a class and parking?

When you sign up for a class we will send you through email a detailed map of the class location. Know that these locations are subject to change based upon park permits. In LA, we know that parking is a hassle so many of our locations have public parking available.

What about class time and if I’m late?

In the professional soccer world if a team isn’t there on time then the game is forfeited. If you and your child are more than fifteen minutes late to the start of a class then that class qualifies as a missed class. Your child will not be allowed to participate because they have already missed an important physical warmup designed to reduce injuries. We know that things happen especially traffic, but if you will be late we ask that you give us a call to provide us with a heads up.

What additional charges might occur?

If your child continues to play past their ten sessions – you must pay directly after the first class of the next ten. Otherwise, a 10% late fee will be added.

Do you give refunds?

Soccer Routes Inc. does not give refunds. We ask that all clients understand that they are entering into a contract in which they will attend their designated classes in the allotted time frame. Any request for a refund – will be reviewed, but most likely given in the form of class credits.

Is there a sibling discount?

Yes. There is a $50 deduction off your grand total.

Do I need to sign a registration form?

Yes! Without it you cannot play. No exceptions.

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